It’s been another roller-coaster month on the stock markets as Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world. After our last update the markets continued to fall but have since started a tentative recovery after death rates decreased in China and then later in Italy and Spain, providing a ray of hope that there is an end in sight.

After such a crazy few weeks, let’s take a look at what happened to our portfolio in April. The good news is we once again smashed our monthly savings target, this is due in part to Ms. FIRE Bear receiving her annual bonus and partly due to the fact we can’t leave our apartment to spend any money!

The uncertainty that the world is facing has been strongly reflected in the stock markets with Wall Street experiencing its most volatile week ever! The news of the virus mortality rate slowing down triggered the start of a potential recovery meaning our investments increased in value by almost £10k in April. This combined with our own contribution resulted in our total portfolio value increasing by over £15k in just one month.

It’s been another crazy month, how have you been dealing with the continued lock-down? Let us know in the comments section.