Saving Our First £100,000

We did it, it has been a long time coming but we finally crossed the £100,000 mark! Crack open the champagne, or reasonably priced Prosecco, we are trying to be frugal after all! In just over two years we have amassed a six-figure portfolio by making a few simple changes to our day to day … Continue reading Saving Our First £100,000

The Importance of Vanguard

Although John Bogle is a relatively unknown name outside of the finance industry, the legacy he has created since the foundation of the Vanguard Group in 1975 and the impact on ordinary investors has been remarkable. His idea behind Vanguard was simple, create an investment firm whose primary focus was to ensure the fees charged … Continue reading The Importance of Vanguard

The Journey Begins

Welcome, thanks for joining us! We are the Firebears, two twenty-something year olds from the UK documenting their journey to achieve Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). Who are we? We are a young couple from the UK who are both living and working in Germany. We moved to Germany directly after university and currently … Continue reading The Journey Begins