December 2019 was the final month of our first proper year investing and we ended it with a total portfolio value of just over £106k, growing by a total of £42,500.

Our goal in 2019 was to dramatically increase our portfolio value and kick start our journey to retirement. We set ourselves the ambitious goal of saving £38,400 a year (£3,200 a month) but sadly fell just short, saving a total of £38,200 in 2019. Despite not quite reaching our goal we are still really happy with what we managed to achieve in our first full year investing and it gives us the kick we needed to save even harder in 2020.

For next year we have set ourselves the even more ambitious goal to save £40,000, hopefully without lowering our quality of life. We may have to figure this out as we go along. On top of this we have the added uncertainty of Brexit on the horizon, will we still be able to invest in GBP or are we going to have to search for alternatives in Europe?

With 2019 coming to an end we are set to fly back to enjoy Christmas with our families and friends. We wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and we will be back, more motivated than ever (and probably slightly fatter) in 2020.

How was 2019 for you? We love to hear about your stories so let us know in the comments section below.