Our surprise €900 gas bill

This story all goes back to twelve months ago when our twenty-five year old boiler broke down in the middle of winter. Thankfully after just a few days our landlord arranged for a plumber to install a new boiler and bring our heating system into the twenty-first century. Once the system was up and running … Continue reading Our surprise €900 gas bill

November 2019 Update

This month we were unable to fulfill our own ambition of saving £3,200 and fell short by almost £500. This was due to purchase of Christmas presents and a one-time gas payment. Dispute failing to achieve our saving goal we did still see our portfolio increase by £3,665 and got us to within touching distance … Continue reading November 2019 Update

October 2019 Update

This month for the first time in our investing lives our total portfolio size decreased, albeit only by £34. The decrease came despite still contributing an additional £3,196. This is the sort of month which we have been begging for as stocks finally went on 'sale' as the stock market dropped 3% verses September. We … Continue reading October 2019 Update

Q3 2019 Portfolio Update

2019 has seen our portfolio radically transform, not only in its absolute size but also in its make up. At the start of the year we held 35% of portfolio value in cash and a further 20% in a company share scheme with just 39% of our total portfolio held in Vanguard low cost index … Continue reading Q3 2019 Portfolio Update

Saving Our First £100,000

We did it, it has been a long time coming but we finally crossed the £100,000 mark! Crack open the champagne, or reasonably priced Prosecco, we are trying to be frugal after all! In just over two years we have amassed a six-figure portfolio by making a few simple changes to our day to day … Continue reading Saving Our First £100,000